Wood frame construction promises to revolutionize new apartment construction in cities that are looking to increase urban densities. Wood frame buildings can be feasibly built to six storeys at 15-20% less cost than concrete or steel construction.

The role that six storey wood frame construction has on the future of apartment construction:

  1. Save Big: Using wood frame, the developer could save 15-20% compared to concrete or steel developments which represents saving opportunities that in turn can be used for better position in the marketplace. Wood frame construction is feasible for mid-rise project that rise up to six stories high.
  2. Integrated Well: Six-storey wood frame construction provides buildings which are scaled appropriately to the urban setting, while at the same time increasing densities and providing the related efficiencies.
  3. Successful method: wood frame construction has been successfully applied in the United States as well as most prominently across British Columbia with over 100 six-storey wood frame projects.

Student Housing Development:

Repeat from the student housing page.

Property Management & Leasing:

Once the project is built, or have started to build what would be the next step?

Every building and each development proposal is unique and we understand that, so through a detailed feasibility study, we will carefully analysis the situation of the marketplace and the detailed oriented recommendations on what to build, where to build, and what to rent for, will ensure that you make the most of your money.

Once construction is finished it will be under your discretion

  • Will you want to rent out the units?
  • Secure a consistent cash flow income by hanging tenants?
  • Do you want to gain capital by selling your project and move on to the next development?

With what you choose, we will be here to walk you through any step you take.

Marketing Requirements

  • What should be included in a marketing plan?
  • When should marketing start—before, during, or after construction?
  • What type of marketing works best for newly constructed rental apartments?
  • How can the internet and social media be used effectively?
  • How can an effective web presence be created and maintained?

Continuing Consulting

  • Join the Project Team
  • Design Consultation
  • Financial & Scenario Analysis
  • Continuous Support

Initiating The Marketing Plan

  • Prepare the Marketing Plan
  • Engage with your Advertising team
  • Engage with your Sales team

Initial Process For Lease-Up

  • Hiring & training leasing staff
  • Product marketing
  • Product positioning for target renter

Leasing Plans

  • Do you have a plan for the lease-up of the new rental apartment property?
  • When is it optimal to leasing?
  • What appropriate strategies are need to gain the highest rent in the shortest time for leasing newly construction apartments?
  • What are the effective ways of recruiting staff for leasing?
  • What will be the motivation techniques to sustain healthy performance?

Asset Management Service

  • Prioritizing the enhancement of cash flow and understanding the position of the project within the market.
  • Strategically growing the revenue
  • Provide recommendation on Capital Improvement
  • Assist with Repositioning Plans
  • Showcasing Yield Management strategies.

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